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Ex-Kansas City Police Officer causes a buzz in Philadelphia

Ex-Kansas City officer causes a buzz in the Philly area... Philadelphia,PA.-January,08,2008 He is a published author who now answers to the psudonymn of "Kodiack" and lives in West Philadelphia with his family, but for almost 9 years he was known as the outspoken Kansas City, Kansas Officer Bobby Acklin II.

When asked about the local success of his first book here in Philadelphia he said "Im not surprised." "Ass Backwards" has been selling off of shelves in local book stores which is rare for an unknown author with little local ties."I just walked into a Center City book store and said put these (10) books on your shelves and we both make money" Sherita Wise, a Center City book store manager was working that day. "This big guy walked in with this swagger that I have never observed before asking if I wanted to make some money.

I was taken back not knowing what his(Kodiack) deal was, but he wished to have his books on co-signment" Kodiack recieves only a portion of his book sells, as the book store cashes in on more than 50% of the retail price of the book."It's a give and take, but when you feel real good about your product it's easy to take a small loss at first" When asked about the family and friends in Kansas he smiles.

"My family was shocked about the book just because I never really spoke about it before it was published, and after they got over that shock they were again shocked on how well written and funny the book is." Kirkus Review the oldest most highly rated book review company in the world, and strict on first time authors praised Kodiack's writting talent more than the subject matter."Oh Kirkus(laugh)...they are real thourough and I was real happy to see a decent review because of all of the negative(reviews) they write about self published authors, and the subject matter has actually been labled the most blantant and humorus eye opening book this year"(2007) Kirkus reviews mostly traditional published books by experienced authors with less edgy tiles, and suject matter.

Ass Backwards is a harsh reality as a black policeman in Kansas City Kansas. Kodiack holds no punches when writting about the leaders of the department, and the criminal elements on the streets he patrolled. "They'll get over it..I spoke the truth and the truth stings like a bee when you know you're doing some things wrong, and from my sources in KC..they are a-lot of swollen faces right now on the police department" Ass Backwards can be purchased at Books-A-Million in Village West/ Wyandotte County-Kansas City Kansas.

The title was in back-order status at the time of printing this interview. The title can be purchased on-line at all major book outlets, and in 6 countries.

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